Preliminary Draft Constitution among the People

Monday, August 3, 2015
Written By: भुवन केसी / तिलक पाठक

The preliminary draft of the constitution reached the people after a long wait. Despite opposition in a few places, people enthusiastically gave their suggestions. There were wide-ranging suggestions from government and non-government sector as well. But there was confusion on the date of promulgation of the constitution through this fast-track process; they kept postponing the date. The major parties also failed to take into confidence the parties opposing the constitution-drafting process. Problems also appeared when suggestions from the parties contradicted the decisions of the leaders. The environment for promulgation of the constitution was further muddled due to the tendency of taking one decision and saying another thing in speeches.

New constitution among the people

According to the Constituent Assembly Regulations, the preliminary draft of the constitution should have been made available to the Constituent Assembly members seven days before submitting to the Constituent Assembly. However, to expedite the process, Constituent Assembly suspended the provision, and accordingly a preliminary draft of the constitution was submitted to the Constituent Assembly. While discussing on the draft constitution, Constituent Assembly members became divided on the issue of demarcation and naming of the states to be settled later or now. Congress Constituent Assembly member Bimalendra Nidhi stressed that a federal constitution without demarcation and name of the states should not be promulgated.