Policy Advocacy Strategies of Civil Society Organizations in Nepal
Author: Sandesh Silpakar Publication Type: Policy Discussion Paper 

There has been an unmatched increase in the number CSOs in Nepal post-1990. The working areas of these CSOs vary. While some simply implement project activities, others focus on policy advocacy. Different organizations working in various sectors tend to have their own advocacy strategies developed through collaboration with organizations working in similar sectors. The understanding of advocacy among these organizations tends to be similar. The tools and techniques used by these organizations also appear to be similar. The only observable difference is the frequency and timing of use of these tools and techniques. This study suggests that CSOs in Nepal should coordinate and collaborate with each other. Collaboration among organizations working in same sector as well as among organizations working in different sectors would allow such organizations to learn from one another‟s mistakes and best practices. A consortium of CSOs specializing in policy advocacy therefore is necessary to deal with the challenges that CSOs are facing during a time of political transition of the nation and increasing donor dependence for funding.