Online Media in Nepal: Need for Policy Intervention
Author: Ujjwal Acharya Publication Type: Policy Discussion Paper 

The tremendous development and growth of the Internet and related technology has impacted many aspects of human life. Journalism is not alien to the impact and the growing popularity of the Internet-based media threatening the printing technology. It has also empowered the individuals to play a role of communicator. The growing impact of the Internet technology has also led governments to try curb the rights of citizens. Nepal has also seen big leap in use of Internet-based media, and there are attempts to curb the freedom on the Internet. This paper argues, with examples from Finland and USA, that the state should play a role of facilitator for the growth of the Internet-based media, which contains within itself the power to bring positive changes in our society. To play such role and ensure the best positive use of the Internet and related technology for communication, the paper argues that Nepal needs to formulate online media policy.