Parties Focus on Constitution-drafting and All-party Government

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Written By: भुवन केसी / तिलक पाठक

The earthquake brought together the parties with sour relations among them. The political parties got ready to move forward without care for the ruling or the opposition coalitions. To address the earthquake-related issues, the parties endorsed a commitment proposal from the legislature- parliament. In addition, they forwarded a proposal for a strong national consensus government. They also became active to forge agreement on the disputed issues to promulgate the constitution.

Unity among the parties

The government came under criticism for its ineffective role post-earthquake. Then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala urged all the parties to unite and resolve the problems of the earthquake victims. Prime Minister Koirala expressed his belief that the problems could be resolved through the unity of the parties in the meeting of the legislature-parliament on May 8, 2015. ‘We commit that every political steps will transform this calamity into a new source of strength and take Nepal on a path of prosperity through dialogue, collaboration, unity, and cooperation’,1 said the prime minister. UML chairperson KP Sharma Oli stressed the need for ‘an environment for unity and participation of the parties and all stakeholders to deal with the national calamity by removing minor difference, pettiness, and self- interests’.2 UCPN (M) also said, ‘National commitment and unity is necessary for state-restructuring and reconstruction’.