Policy Workshop

While research on public policy has gained considerable momentum globally, it has not received adequate attention in Nepal. Indeed, the undertaking is largely confined to a select group of people within the donor-government nexus. As Nepal passes through a murky political transition, there is an even greater need for reliable knowledge generation for public policy through both a broad participation and a multi disciplinary understanding of public issues. The challenge for Nepal in the public policy front ranges from effecting proper implementation of approved public policies, conducting trustworthy policy research and rallying government as well as public support around policy alternatives. However, the task of public policy research in Nepal is primarily confined to a select number of donor agencies and their consultants. Thus it remains beyond the reach of researchers and more so of ‘ordinary people’, who find a hard time engaging on research issues to make meaningful linkage with public policy. This context poses a challenge to nurturing a policy-conscious community in the country, which would be essential for any future capacity for the country-led policy development, articulation and contestation.

Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) and Nepal Policy Research Network (NPRN) hosted its first Nepal Public Policy Workshop on 03-04 October 2012 at Kathmandu to bring together Nepalese and outside experts, policy makers, academics, and experienced as well as young policy researchers to talk on politics of policy, and methods of conducting policy research, communication and advocacy.

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