Policy Network

To reflect on the experiences of policies and actions, and to promote the involvement of local and regional stakeholders in national policy debates, ASD facilitates the building of networks and alliances among issue based national stakeholders. Through the policy network, ASD works with individual policy experts and organizations to discuss on the accountability issues of policy process. This loose network has been used to bring different skills and capacities onto a single platform to help promote debate on policy issues at a wider level and lead policy advocacy in various quarters.

ASD facilitates different works of Nepal Policy Research Network (NPRN). NPRN is a network of Nepalese organizations that strive to contribute to public policies that are developed in democratic and inclusive manner and work for the poor and disadvantaged groups and at the same time safeguard national interest.

ASD organizes policy conferences and workshop in collaboration with NPRN to highlight public policy agendas and enhance the capacity to problematize the existing policy process. The conference aims to help critically analyze the present context of confined relationship of some of the selected groups of people with the donor-government nexus in public policy arena of Nepal. It will also provide a platform for people from multiple disciplines to engage on issues of public interest and rally public opinion and support around policy alternatives in the time of murky political transition.
The major activities for the upcoming years are as follows:

  • Bring more organizations and individuals as part of a policy network and engage them to work on accountability;
  • Develop informed policy discussion papers and engage in debates, with the papers providing the discussion points;
  • Organize a policy conference on politics of policy and democratic policy process;
  • Support ASD policy research fellows to prepare policy advocacy plan.