Constituent Assembly I

About the Archive

The historic Constituent Assembly (CA) in Nepal is in the process of drafting a new constitution by May 2011. This is a very important phase in Nepal’s history. It is important to record and analyze the ongoing constitution-drafting process and transitional politics of Nepal and form an archive so that researchers and interested individuals have an easy access in a single platform.

Towards this goal, Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) has launched this project primarily to inform researchers about the issues raised during the discussions in the CA and the subsequent developments on those issues.  This is an online repository about the CA achievements and the proceedings of the CA Committees.

This archive includes analytical articles and reviews of the reports prepared by the CA Committees and the procedures followed by the CA Committees, which will inform interested individuals and researchers about the discussions held in the CA and the agendas on which the CA concentrated in detail.

The archive also contains concept papers presented by political parties in the discussion sessions organized by various CA Committees and the reports on how political parties reached consensus, if they ever did, over contentious issues. Some of the concept papers of the political parties have been retained unchanged and unedited. The site also hosts a list of chronological proceedings of the CA, which will be of considerable help to understand the progress of the CA in Nepal.

The articles are both in Nepali and English. However, some of the articles and reports are available only in Nepali.

These materials on the constitution-drafting process in Nepal have been prepared by a group of journalists and researchers consisting of Tilak Pathak, Dhruba Simkhada and Bhuwan KC.  The opinions expressed in the articles are writers’ own; they do not represent the views of the ASD.

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