Learning from the Economic Crisis: Impact and Lessons

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Nepali economy has been in a precarious situation following the earthquake in April 2015. Political parties who were seen as indifferent during this critical time were therefore forced to work towards promulgating the constitution.

However, disagreements on certain aspects of the constitution has led to protests by certain communities in various parts of the country, via a blockade of Indo-Nepal border points since August 2015. Given that Nepal is heavily dependent on India for supplies, the blockade has strongly impacted life across the country resulting in a soon to be humanitarian crisis.

This talk aims at bringing together regional voices to understand the real situation on the ground and determine the actual impact of the blockade on all sections of the society across the country, with commentary from experienced practitioners.

Purushottam Ojha, Former Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Supplies
Dr. Shankar Sharma, Former Vice Chairperson, Nepal Planning Commission

Voices from the Ground
Prof. Surendra Labh
Ajay Bahadur Pradhanang
Bhola Paswan

Proceeding Report

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