The intellectual capacity, the ability to mobilize resources and support and initiative to take up the responsibility in the building of the future are some of the unique perspectives that youth bring along with them towards the progress of the society. Taking their energy and their imagination into account Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) included youth as one of its cross-cutting issues. ASD also through its youth program has been facilitating Open Society Foundations- Youth Initiatives (OSYI) in Nepal. For more information on OSYI’s work, please visit

The ASD Youth program aims to achieve the following objectives through its activities:

  • To develop the skills of youth to adopt a critical disposition towards the public policy issues
  • To engage youth in critical, reasoned discussion about issues important to their lives and communities
  • To support and facilitate activism by young people across the nation in achieving the goals of an open society

To address the above issues and objectives, the program

  1. Facilitates Youth Action Fund
  2. Promotes New Media and Debate
  3. Conducts Youth Policy Advocacy