Accountability in Implementation of Women Specific Development Grants
Author: Sushma Phuyal Publication Type: Policy Discussion Paper 

addresses issues linked to the implementation of 10% of capital grant allocated to women specific programs by the Ministry of Federal and Local Development (MoFALD). It emphasizes the fact that shortfalls in accountability has led to a failure in ensuring the effective implementation of the allocated funds in needed areas. It not only aims to assess and analyze the level of participation of the desired beneficiaries in women specific development, but also actor- forum accountability relationship in implementation of particular grants. The paper argues that a proper institutional mechanism that is rigorous in establishing checks and balances is essential towards ensuring accountability in implementation of the policy to achieve the desired results.
Despite the existence of relevant guidelines, acts and directives to regulate target specific grants and the presence of accountability mechanisms to hold local government accountable, it is not evident that they are being observed or implemented as directed. The existing accountability framework involves quest for dialogue, set of procedures but does not imply right to impose sanction; an important dimension in accountability framework This paper analyses and assesses the existing accountability framework to implement the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) strategy and it also looks at the relationship between institutional mechanisms, implementing agents and role of stakeholders in practice. The argument of the paper is made after extensive review of existing constitutional and legal documents and is evidenced by primary data gathered from the field study. The recommendations provided in the paper are based on the conclusions drawn from the findings.