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Woman Grantees
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Name of the Organization Project Title  
Advocacy Forum Increasing Women's Access to Justice  
Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) Strengthening Women's Access to Justice  
Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD) Lawyers Fight Discrimination and Violence Against Women  
HimRights Women in Constitution and Reconciliation  
Legal Aid and Consultancy Center (LACC) Legal Aid to Strengthen Women’s Access to Justice  
SAATHI Campaign Against Domestic Violence: Committment to Action  
Single Women Group (WHR) Ensuring Human Rights and Basic needs of Vulnerable and Conflict affected single women  
WOREC Strengthening Capacity of Community-based organization to prevent violence against women  
Name of the Organization Project Title Located
Community Development & Advocacy Forum Nepal (CDAFN) Reducing Discrimination and Violence Against Women Mahottari
Dalit Mahila Ekata Kendra (DMEK) Reducing gender and caste based discrimination and violence against women Dang
Dalit Women Forum Nepal (DWRF) Campaign against Discrimination and Violence against Women Kailali
Mahila Mukti Samaj Capacity Building and Support Program for Violence Reduction Dadeldhura
Mahila Uthan Samaj Combating ill-practice Chhaupadi through Empowerment and Awareness Baitadi
Nari Sip Srijana Kendra Campaign for Policy Implementation on Women’s Participation in Decision Making Baridya, Dailekh, Makwanpur
New Nepal Promotion of Safe Migration Bardiya