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National Level Grantee Meeting

ASD organized the National Grantee Meeting from 25-28 March 2014 at Lalitpur to revisit the work of all the partners in the previous year and develop strategies and activities for this year. The changing socio-political context of the country in terms of promoting open society and democratic values served as the foundation for the strategy and subsequent activities. 22 organizations from across the country working on the core issues of human rights, media, education and women’s rights participated in the meeting. During the program, ASD shared about the changing times and context in the Open Society Foundations and the importance of acknowledging the role and responsibilities of the ambassadors of democracy and human rights.

Besides, the importance to reflect upon one’s organization, its growth and the path it has traversed over the years was highlighted as an integral part of growth for the organizations.The meeting also focused on revisiting the work of the grantees’ network on the issue of election process observation. Based on the experience and learning from the election observation the previous year, the discussion focused on the need to work for establishment of periodic election as a regular phenomenon to establish democracy and stability in the country. On this ground, the meeting also developed its working strategy within the broader framework of ‘Political Integrity & Accountability’. A detailed plan of action was finalized to achieve the objectives set out within this framework.In addition to this, the grantees further discussed within their thematic programs and prioritized their common agendas within each theme and developed action plan to formulate and implement the activities.

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Interaction on Transitional Justice Mechanism

ASD Human rights program supported a half day interaction program organized by Accountability Watch Committee(AWC) on 17 March 2014 in Kathmandu. The program was organized to disseminate the decision of the Supreme Court made on 02 January 2014 on Transitional Justice in Nepal. 80 participants including Mr. Narahari Acharya, Minister of Law, Justice, Constituent Assembly and Parliamentary Affairs, Journalists, Human Rights activists and Conflict Victims were present at the program. In the program, Mr. Acharya assured that the replacement bill drafted will not compromise with the fundamental principles of transitional justice.

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Reflection Workshop on Human Rights Movement in Nepal

ASD Human Rights program organized a 'Reflection Workshop' from 22-24 February 2014 at Bharatpur, Chitwan to share experiences of the transition and engagement of human rights defenders in the field of human rights. The purpose of the workshop was to reflect about the human rights movement in Nepal and form strategies in line with the emerging challenges of human rights violation / abuses and lack of rule of law. 15 human rights defenders from all five development regions of Nepal participated in the workshop and raised the contemporary human rights challenges in personal and working spheres.

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Human Rights Orientation Course

In collaboration with Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Alliance for Social Dialogue organized a 'Human Rights Orientation Course' from 17 -21 January, 2014 at Kathmandu for human rights activists, lawyers and educationist . The course highlighted on the fundamental issues of human rights interlinking with democracy and rule of law and helped enrich the participants' understanding on contemporary human rights issues and provided the ability to link intellectual knowledge and practice in the human rights field. The course involved participants from inside and outside of Kathmandu.

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Basic Human Rights Training

ASD Women’s Program organized a three days ‘Basic Human Rights Training’ from December 26-28, 2013 at Biratnagar, Morang. The objective of the program was to enhance the knowledge and skills of human rights defenders working in grass-root level on the basic concept of human rights and its practices. A total of 24 participants from 11 districts of Eastern Region participated in the program.

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