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CA Related Papers

Judicial Independence and Impartiality in Europe: Lessons for Nepal

Prof Steven Greer, Professor Steven Greer, School of Law, University of Bristol, UK


Transparency Institutions under the New Constitution

Satya Arinanto, Professor of Constitutional Law; Chairman, Centre for the Study of Constitutional Law; and Chairman, Postgraduate Program in Constitutional and Administrative Law Faculty of Law University of Indonesia


Aspects of International Law in Devising a Constitution

Paul Flodman


Strategies of Preservation of National Interest

Jiunn-rong Yeh, Professor of Law, National Taiwan University


The Draft(ing) Constitution: What do Nepali women want

Jill Cottrell


Constitutional Review in Nepal: Principle and Compromise

Jie Cheng, Tsinghua University Law School


Form of Government

Cheryl Saunders, Australia


Place of minorities and indigenous communities in Nepal

Yash Ghai


“Managing Protection of Human Rights in Transition”

John Pace, Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales


Integration of Combatants, Democratization of the Army and New Constitutionalism in Nepal

Menaka Guruswamy


Enforceability of Economic Social and Cultural Rights

Vince Calderhead; International Commission of Jurists-Nepal Country Director


Natural Resources, Economic Rights and Revenue Allocation

Dr. Alexander Wegener


Constitution of Finland and prospects of the Rule of Law - implications for Nepal

Dr. Pekka Hallberg, President of the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland


Presidential and Parliamentary Models: some issues for Nepal

Bob Rae


Federalism in Ethiopia

Hashim Tewfik (Ph.D), Institute of Federalism, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Aspects of Social Justice: Lessons from India

Purushottam S. Kulkarni, Professor and Advocate, India