Alliance for Social Dialogue

:: Grant Making Proposal Format
Proposal Format

Call for Proposal for the following Thematic Areas:
Education, Human Rights and Media
(Proposal shouldn’t exceed 7 pages)

Proposal guidelines (1st Page)

  • Project Title
  • Thematic Area
  • Name of the Organization: Full name of the organization and Address (Postal, Email, Phone/Fax number)
  • Main Contact Person
  • Established date and district of Organization Registered and its issue or renewal date
  • PAN number (if registered in PAN)
  • Partner organizations (if any)
  • Proposed Project Location
  • Proposed Project Duration
  • Proposed Budget

Organization Background

  • A short history of your organization including its past achievements (Not exceeding half page)

Project Background

  • Situational Overview (specific to your proposed idea)
  • Previous attempts by different stakeholders in the proposed project location (in brief)
  • Existing gaps that your organization find out (please be specific with  proposed idea)
  • What is the problem your project seeks to address?
  • Rationale of the project
  • Beneficiaries of the project


  • What are the specific objectives of the project

Plan of Action

  • Specific activities and working modality
  • How will the project be managed and evaluated


  • Short and long term


  • Detail budget: administrative and program