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:: Grant Making Guidelines for Concept Note and Proposal Submission
Guidelines for Concept Note and Proposal Submission


The Open Society Foundations (OSF) of New York is willing to help organizations in Nepal that are working towards creating open, democratic societies. Alliance for Social Dialogue has been helping with the overall functioning of OSF’s activities at the local level here in Nepal.
ASD has been conducting outreach activities through consultations, workshops, site visits etc, in an effort to encourage local organizations to propose innovative ideas and submit proposals for funding on ASD’s priority issues that have the potential to advance concepts, policies and programmes that can generate long-term solutions to local problems and challenges. ASD seeks to enhance the role of democratic civil society actors in consolidating and advocating democratic process, human rights, quality education and an independent media. The priority areas for each of the thematic areas are as follows:


  • Access and Equity
  • Quality Education
  • Management

Human Rights

  • Accountability
  • Transitional Justice
  • Social Justice and Inclusion
  • Human Rights Education


  • Freedom of expression
  • Professionalism of Media persons
  • Code of Conduct
  • Content of Media

ASD thus solicits concept notes from eligible organization based outside of Kathmandu Valley on the thematic areas of human rights, education and media. The concept notes should have innovative ideas, clear working modality and visible output.

Guidelines for Concept Note Submission Process:

  • Organizations that are interested in questions related to human rights, independent media and education can submit their concept notes online to Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD). Please go to Concept Note to submit your concept note
  • Once concept notes are submitted, ASD will review them. ASD will contact organizations with interesting concepts and will ask them to submit full proposals.
  • Concept notes can be submitted online at the ASD website only.

Time frame for Concept Note Submission 

Concept Notes submission will be open year round. Any organization registered and working outside Kathmandu can apply. There will also be call for concept notes on national newspapers twice a year. If ASD finds the concept notes interesting, ASD will contact the organizations and will ask for full length proposals. The status of the proposal will be informed to organizations within three months.

Organizations that are Eligible to Apply

  • Organizations that are registered and working OUTSIDE of Kathmandu valley can only apply.
  • Individuals and political parties cannot apply.
  • We encourage new organizations to submit applications.

Criteria for Proposal Submission

  • There are three specific thematic areas that an organization can apply for. These are:  Education, Human Rights and Independent Media.
  • Please clearly specify the thematic area you are applying for.
  • One organization can only submit one proposal.
  • The proposal SHOULD NOT exceed 7 pages (including budget).
  • The proposed proposals can be submitted in any language.
  • The preferred font should be in Times New Roman with font size 12 for English and the preferred font for Nepali is Preeti, Jaghimali, Kantipur and Unicode with font size of 14.
  • The project period for the proposal should not exceed a 1 year period.
  • Organizations can apply for either small or medium sized budgets with a maximum of $30,000.

Procedure for Proposal Selection

  • After receiving concept notes, the first phase review will be done by ASD. Organizations with interesting concepts will be contacted and asked to submit full proposals.
  • Proposals will also be reviewed and selected in the first round. Proposals that pass through the first phase review will then be forwarded to OSF. The final decision related to proposal selection will be made by OSF.
  • OSF will directly correspond with those organizations whose proposals have been approved. They will directly receive their budgets from OSF. .

Important Notes

  • Only Concept Notes sent through the ASD website will be considered
  • ASD will ask for Proposals from organizations with interesting concept notes. Proposals received before concept note selection will NOT be considered under any circumstance.
  • Unnecessary phone calls and visits made after proposal submissions will automatically disqualify to enter the competition process.